An Empty Hell

An Empty Hell by Dave White

A year after the devastating events of Not Even Past, Jackson Donne has gone into hiding in the forest of Vermont. Under the guise of Joe Tennant, Donne has been recovering — and even enjoying his life up north. Until one of the few friends he’s made goes missing. Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, someone is killing ex-cops — the ones who Donne used to work with. Terrified Donne is committing the murders, a former colleague hires private investigator Matt Herrick to track down New Jersey’s most famous fugitive. Herrick agrees and almost immediately, there’s a bounty on his head.

The closer Herrick gets to tracking Donne down, the more dangerous the case becomes. And once Donne and Herrick cross paths, the two cases tie together, and Donne realizes he must go back to the life he left behind. Because the past has come calling, and if Donne does face up to it, he and Herrick could lose everything, including their lives.

“White’s dynamite third Jackson Donne novel (after 2008’s The Evil That Men Do) finds the former New Brunswick, N.J., narc cop hiding in Vermont, where he hopes to find peace. Alex Robinson, a former narc squad team member who claims Donne is out to kill him, has other ideas. He hires high school basketball coach Matt Herrick, who’s also a part-time PI, to track down Donne and deliver him to the police. Meanwhile, Robinson also contracts with two bounty hunter brothers to cause Herrick a world of hurt and bring Donne back to Jersey. Robinson promises to pay the brothers with money he doesn’t have. Readers will overlook the contrived, convoluted plot, because the characters, the situations, the pacing, the structure, and the writing are so good. And Herrick is one of the most distinctive new PIs to walk down the pike. Hopefully, he’ll be back in future installments.” Publishers Weekly

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